BBNY represents corporations, private equity firms and individual investors seeking to acquire middle market companies.

Full Acquisition Directed Search


BBNY's Full Acquisition Directed Search service is a structured process with a clearly defined methodology that produces results. We use a team approach and aim to develop a sound working relationship with your firm and to be regarded as your own "internal" M&A team.


BBNY develops an acquisition strategy for each company based on the firm's individual business strategy, budget and expansion plans.The Directed Search process starts by executing a Situational Analysis to formulate a specific business and financial profile sought by the client. As opposed to our Sweep Search, BBNY uses a more dynamic and active search techniques to identify companies meeting your criteria.This includes:


  • identifying the spectrum of potential acquisition targets matching your strategic growth objectives
  • negotiating all aspects of the deal with prospective sellers, and
  • oversight of the due diligence and transaction closing process


BBNY's team of experienced intermediaries understand the complexities and risks involved in acquiring a company. We work with clients to manage the process and control potential risks by providing sound guidance and judgment based on comprehensive research and experiential execution.


If you have not already identified an acquisition target, BBNY will develop a comprehensive list of national or international prospects comprised of companies that are actively available, as well as those signaled "not for sale", typically acquired through strategic approaches by proactive buyers. On the other hand, if you have already identified an acquisition target or targets, BBNY will approach the acquisition target and negotiate on your behalf. Additionally, we will provide valuation guidance based on the asset base, adjusted EBITDA, earnings and assessed cash flow. In addition, we will structure the proposed transaction based on mutual agreed upon metrics. Finally, we ensure that the due diligence process is efficiently and effectively managed.


Directed Search is typically funded through a moderate retainer to cover ongoing expenses and a success fee payable upon satisfactory completion of the M&A transaction, which allows credit for the retainer.


Acquisition Assistance Sweep Search


Sweep Search is to identify potential acqusition targets that are currently on the market. BBNY can identify the business and financial characteristics that you seek in an acquisition opportunity. Sweep Search identifies all of the companies which are listed and actively engaged in seeking buyers. Therefore, our fees are likely covered through a fee sharing arrangement with the seller's intermediary. BBNY searches among companies it already lists, we also survey business broker associations, advertising websites, and informal network of intermediaries, and professional and financial advisors.


Unlike, a Directed Search which can uncover hidden opportunities, Sweep Search is limited to those businesses already on the market. There are many excellent companies on the market but finding your ideal business which meets your specific criteria is not always possible. Further, most companies already on the market have been viewed by many buyers, therefore you are likely to find yourself in a bidding war for the more profitable and attractive businesses.


To find out more about these search services email us or call 585-624-7998 to schedule an appointment. We are here to help you.